10 Considerations When Growing Your Small Business

Getting started can be complicated, but these tips can help you stay on track without getting stuck. Need a little extra help? Schedule yourself a consultation to get one on one advice from our team! Set my appointment now!

Have a plan.

Take time to consider what your plans are for the next five years. Do you want to make this business your full time gig or is this a side hustle? Either way, find out what you want out of your business. Some common things include; side money, networking, building capital for other ventures, or freedom. This may be the freedom to work from home, the freedom to do what you love, or the freedom to move forward towards other goals.

Create goals on different plains.

Wanting to make 20k in profits your first year is a great goal. But your daddy's business model probably doesn't work in the current market and that means his view of success might look a little different too. Make sure to measure your success on different plains. Look at other tangible avenues like number of clients, amount you charge per client, or even your retention rates (how often your customers come back). You may not have made that 20k in profits at the end of the year, but you have survived year one of owning a business, you've nailed down your client base, and maybe you have a solid working base of returning clients monthly that are in contracts.. These are also viable measures of success, and shouldn't be overlooked.

Compare your business correctly.